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Connexus Group is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in recruiting management level executives. With 35 years combined experience, we believe we are successful because we are more than just a source of people – we are a source of ideas. Indeed, we take particular pride in our ability to formulate creative solutions. We are problem solvers and serve our client's interests first and foremost.

We seek to work with a small number of clients with whom we can form value-added partnerships within a realistic commercial framework. By balancing the commitment from both parties, we gain and maintain a clear understanding of our client’s business, the issues, opportunities and challenges, organizational imperatives and requirements for any specific assignment.

Identifying and selecting the right search firm is not all that different from identifying and selecting the right candidate. It is a careful process that requires comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace, diligent research, a healthy measure of skepticism, the ability to probe with insightful questions, and most importantly, a clear idea of what should result from the process.

Our smaller size allows us to channel our energies and enthusiasm into our client's issues rather than internal bureaucracy; provide value rather than overhead recovery against fees; and, most importantly, deliver on the promise that “Who you see is who you get”. Assignments are handled by the consultants with whom you have your initial meeting, and all candidate and client contacts are handled only by the team allocated to the assignment. (There isn’t anyone else!)

The advantage of our boutique size and approach lies in the simple fact that the consultants who have met the client, who understand the issues, and who have a first-hand feel for the “match/fit” required, will represent the client and the opportunity in an accurate and compelling manner and assess all candidates against an expert, first-hand briefing.

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