The Search Process

Our approach to conducting any search is to follow a methodical process that provides the search structure, while allowing us to use creative instincts within this framework to identify and attract exceptional candidates. Following is our procedure:

Initial Meeting and Position Specifications
We hold one or more meetings with our client and, when appropriate, other designated members of the organization to assure that we have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and relationships and what will be expected of the candidate. It is necessary that the organization and the position be clearly defined in order to interest and attract the most qualified candidates for the position. After the initial meeting, general position specifications are drafted. These specifications are written to ensure a clear understanding of the experience and personal characteristics desired in candidates for the position.

Target Companies/Research
Connexus Group offers a unique combination of in-depth recruiting experience without the problematic off-limits issues of our competitors. We quickly identify creative sources from which to recruit and begin developing a short list of appropriate, targeted candidates.

Confidential Personnel Reports and Candidate Selection
Once we have contacted and appraised potential candidates through extensive personal interviews, we submit a comprehensive business history to our clients. After introduction of final candidates to our client, we monitor progress and participate to whatever degree appropriate in subsequent discussions. When requested, we will assist in the evaluation and selection of the candidate best qualified to meet the needs of our client and in determining compensation requirements necessary to attract that candidate. We will provide assistance and counsel to both the client and the candidate should the need arise as the offer of employment is being extended. Once a candidate is selected, we will continue to monitor the executive’s progress to assure a smooth employment integration and a positive, long-term employment relationship.

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